What foods or beverages should we not consume?

What foods or beverages should we not consume?

There is no such thing as bad foods or beverages. It's the amount and frequency of sugary foods and beverages that are bad. Juice, although it has some nutritional value, does not have the benefit of actual whole fruit. We prefer children receive their vitamin C from whole fruit, and not from fruit juice. Even if Fruit Juice is labeled as being 100% natural, it still contains an abundance of sugar that will cause tooth decay. Read the nutritional labels, look for carbohydrates on the foods you purchase for your child. Whether natural or added, these sugars will cause tooth decay.

The American Academy of Pediatric recommends only 4-6 ounces of juice per day. Do not water the juice down since it’s the frequency of juice consumption (time per day) that teeth are exposed to sugar that increases risk of tooth decay. Try to only allow children juice at meal time, and do not put juice in a sippy cup in between meals. Also, after your children brush their teeth at night before bedtime, they should not have anything to drink other than water.

So the take away message is that you need to read the Nutritional Labels on the side of any food or beverage you purchase, look for the carbohydrates. Steer clear of those with high carbohydrates. Natural or added sugars are as bad for teeth.


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