Children younger than 3 years of age

It's our intent at Augusta Pediatric Dentistry to provide both an age and child specific experience for your child.

Children younger than 3 years of age

We prefer your child's first dental visit to be six months after the eruption of their first tooth, or by their 1st birthday.  Why so soon?   At this age, children's teeth are most susceptible to tooth decay, and we can attempt to prevent this early decay from developing through simple and painless early interventions.   An early visit will give your child the opportunity to be cavity- free, or reduce their risk of future disease.

Most children under the age of three do best having their parents with them during the appointment.  We will show you proper positioning for at home tooth brushing, areas where you can possibly improve oral hygiene, and we can also apply fluoride varnish which helps strengthen baby teeth.

As your child becomes ready and more comfortable in the dental environment, they will be able to sit in the dental chair by themselves.  Our goal is to create happy dental visits for your child!


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